July & August availability

As always at this time of year, Menorca villa availability for the mid-July to mid-August period is starting to get tight. Here’s what we still have available…

2 & 3-bedroom villas

Casa Amarillo Cala en Bosc 5 July-2 August

Cumbre Mar Playa Fornells 12-26 July

San Colomban Binibeca 13-20 July

Villa Sophie Addaya up to 27 July

Sur Special Son Bou 6 July-7 August

Villa Maria Binixica up to 28 July

Villa VF072 Addaya up to 29 July

Villa Cristina Binibeca 11-27 July

Blanc y Verde Trebaluger 12-26 July

Villa TM025 Son Parc 12-19 July & 26 July-16 August

TM020 Trebaluger 12-26 July

Villa Isa Cala en Bosc 12-30 July

Villa VF033 Binixica 12-26 July

Villa Mymms Binibeca 13-26 July

Villa Tembwe Cap d’en Font 13-27 July

Villa Carolina Son Bou 14-28 July

Villa Bini Guillermo Binisafua 15-26 July

Villa Anna Cala en Porter 15-22 July

Villa Serenata Binibeca 19-26 July

Villa Suenos Santo Tomas 19 July-2 August

Villa Mariola Binibeca 19-29 July

Bini Tuduri Binibeca 23 July-2 August

Los Leones Son Bou 27 July-10 August

Cumbre Mar Playa Fornells 2 August onwards

TM020 Trebaluger 9-16 August

4-bedroom villas

TM014 Binibeca up to 19 July

Quatre Vents Punta Prima up to 12 July & 19-26 July

TM052 Cala en Bosc all July

Castle Alcaufar 8-15 July

Punta d’en Gallerut Cala Llonga up to 20 July

Sylvia Addaya 12 July-2 August

Villa Regina Cala en Bosc 12-20 July

Gaviotas Cala en Porter 13-20 July

Amberino Na Macaret 13 July-3 August

Adriana Son Bou 13-20 July

Casa Sabaracca Binisafua 18-27 July

Vistas al Mar Binidali 19-26 July

Casa Musica Cala Morell 20-29 July

Bini Zulema Binibeca 20-27 July

VFW045 Ciutadella 20-28 July

Mariposa Alcaufar 27 July-17 August

Punta d’en Gallerut Cala Llonga 27 July-3 August & 10-17 August

Casa Musica Cala Morell 5 August on

Villa Niqui Cala Llonga August 7 on

Vistas al Mar Binidali 9-16 August

Sylvia Addaya 16 August on

Casa Amelia Addaya 17-24 August

Los Pinos Binibeca 17 August on

5+ bedroom villas

VFW085 Cala Rata all July

Villa Privilege Son Bou 5-19 July

Casa Amanjena Sant Lluis up to 19 July

Casa Esquinera Trebaluger up to 28 July

San Andrea Sant Lluis to 29 July

Villa Antonio Punta Prima 6-20 July

Rosa Punta Prima 10-22 July

Casa Pitiusa Punta Prima 12-19 July

Toraixa Nou Es Castell 20-27 July

Finca Na Bona Es Grau 25 July-2 August

Casa Madoria Binixica 21-28 July

TM063 Cala Morell 20 July-3 August & 10-17 August

C’an Borras Llucmesanes 21 July-2 August

Los Arcos Sant Antoni 26 July-2 August

Villa Privilege Son Bou 26 July-2 August

Santa Victoria Fornells 27 July-4 August

VFW085 Cala Rata up to 10 August

Toraixa Nou Es Castell 10-24 August

Finca Na Bona Es Grau 16-23 August

Want to talk through your options or can’t see what you need? Give us a call on 01530 564174 and we will see if we can help