The magic of Menorca

There’s nowhere in the world quite like Menorca, and nobody can offer as broad a range of villas in Menorca as Travel Menorca. See ‘Our villas & apartments’ for details

Flight & car advice

We don’t just offer Menorca villas and apartments. We can help with reliable car hire also, and advise on the best way to fly to Menorca from anywhere in the world

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We like nothing better than to talk to people about Menorca’s many charms, and to help them find their ideal spot. We’re ready to speak to you now on 01530 564174

Looking for a villa with private pool for July or August?

Here’s a small selection of properties still available for the school summer holidays.Click an image to view further details of these lovely villas, or get in touch with Travel Menorca for a full list of availability for Menorca villas and apartments for your chosen dates