easyJet restarts Manchester flights

EasyJet is to restart its Manchester-Menorca service. From June to October the airline will operate a twice-weekly service from the UK’s third-busiest airport to Mahon.

The new easyJet schedule helps ease the demand on seats caused by the collapse late last year of Thomas Cook, whose airline operated flights to Menorca from many British regional airports.

Ali Gayward, easyJet UK manager said: “easyJet has seen significant growth at Manchester Airport over the last two years and has now carried 22 million passengers since operations began in 2008. We are looking forward to operating these flights this summer and adding them to an ever growing range of great destinations for our customers.”

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Ryanair Dublin-Mahon

Ryanair launches Mahon-Dublin service

Ryanair is to re-establish direct air links between Ireland and Menorca. Starting from June 2020, the Irish carrier will operate twice-weekly flights between Dublin and Mahon.

The addition of Dublin brings to five the number of airports operating Ryanair flights to Menorca, joining East Midlands in England and the Spanish cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

Ryanair spokesman Eimear Ryan said: “Ryanair is pleased to announce a new summer 2020 route from Dublin to Menorca, with a twice-weekly service commencing in June. Customers in Dublin can now book flights to Menorca as far out as September 2020.”

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Summer 2020 Selection

Summer 2020 availability


Jet2 to offer April Menorca flights from Birmingham, Manchester, London

British airline Jet2 will offer April flights to Menorca from 2020 for the first time, starting its programme to the Spanish island a month earlier than in previous years.

The airline says it had seen demand for holidays to Menorca earlier in the season, and launching its programme on April 5 will mean customers will be able to spend Easter on the island. Jet2 will provide flights from Birmingham, Manchester and Stansted, operating a total of 26 additional return flights and 10,000 more seats.

CEO Steve Heapy said: “As well as being a firm favourite with holidaymakers during the peak summer holiday period, Menorca is a destination that is attracting more and more customers in the shoulder seasons. With stunning natural beauty, secret beaches, historic architecture and a wealth of culture on offer, we know these April services will be extremely popular with customers who want to visit Menorca earlier in the season and for Easter.”

Menorca tourism minister Maite Salord said: “Jet2’s commitment to advance operations by a month in 2020 demonstrates its confidence in Menorca as a tourist destination, a confidence that has been demonstrated year after year to the point of becoming one of the British operators with the largest share of business on the island.”

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car hire tips Menorca

Top tips for hiring a car in Menorca

You don’t have to do much internet searching to find horror stories about ‘car hires gone wrong’. All over the Mediterranean – not just in Menorca – unwary holidaymakers can find themselves on the wrong side of the contract small print.

Here, then, are a few helpful suggestions if you are thinking of hiring a car to complement your Menorca villa holiday…

Try to book with a local car hire company. Google is your friend here – the local family-run firms are easy to spot because they don’t have the flashiest websites, they don’t offer ridiculously cheap deals and, if you contact them with some suitable questions, they will happily answer all of them.

What should you ask? Firstly, just where will your hire car be found? If they don’t say “In the airport car park just across the road from Arrivals” then start worrying. The companies to avoid all keep their cars at their compounds on a trading estate. OK, not far away, but the queue for the shuttle bus can be eye-wateringly long… a bus ride is just what you don’t want after a red-eye flight with fractious family members.

Ask also what their fuel policy is. Some less-than-reputable firms like to hand over your car with a full tank of fuel and tell you to bring it back empty. Generous? No, because they will charge you 100€ for the fuel – fuel which you are unlikely to burn through unless you plan to spend your week’s holiday at the wheel all day and every day. An honest car hire firm will either give you a car with a full tank and request you bring it back full or give you one that is half-full (or thereabouts) and ask you bring it back with the same amount of fuel on board.

Additional insurances are another scam. A dodgy firm (let’s give the chief offender a made-up name, shall we? Let’s say TinCar…) will, once it has bused you to its depot and has you at its mercy, demand that you agree to insurance waivers for this, that and the other thing. These are insurances that TinCar never mentioned when it quoted you that attractive low rental price, but which it is adamant you must now pay…

Again, a reputable local firm will quote you an all-in price including all insurances, so that you know from the outset what you will be paying. Typically that insurance will be fully comprehensive and without an excess, though the company will retain the right to charge you if you do something really daft, like lose the car keys, fill a petrol car up with diesel, or go charging around off-road and wreck the tyres…

Which brings us to TinCar’s favourite ruse, the “you scratched our car and we insist you pay us 1000€ to fix it” scam. People justifiably get very cross about this one – it’s very hard to prove whether a scratch was pre-existing or not, and sometimes innocent people get charged unfairly.

Why does TinCar insist on irritating its clients in this way, when common sense suggests that it must lose goodwill and custom as a result? It’s quite simple, really… to TinCar and its brethren the hire-car renter is largely irrelevant to their money-making processes. How so? Because where TinCar makes its real cash is by buying and selling motor cars.

Every season these companies go to hard-pushed motor manufacturers and offer to buy perhaps as many as 10,000 hatchbacks in one go. Needless to say, they negotiate a knock-down rate – some experts suggest they can get as much as 50% off the price by buying in bulk. Then, even before the vehicles have seen service as a rental car, they are forward-sold as ‘as-new, low-low-mileage’ secondhand cars to grateful motor dealers across Europe, with TinCar making a handsome profit on each and every one of them.

Sometimes the car will see only one rental cycle before being prepared and sent to its new owner. You see now why every little scratch has to be carefully taken care of? And why ripping off the renter is just the icing on the cake for the TinCar mob?

So to sum up, if you dislike the feeling of being ripped off and want to avoid it then don’t be dazzled by the lowest quote you see online. Ask lots of questions, try to buy local, and insist on a firm price which includes everything.

This is not meant as a Travel Menorca advertisement. Yes, we can put you in touch with a reliable, local Menorca car hire firm which we have vetted and which we know will look after our clients, but the purpose of this article is to warn people off the rip-off merchants. If a price looks to go to be true, then sadly it probably is.


New island guide from Visit Menorca

Anew internet guide to Menorca has just launched. Created with care by people who have been visiting the island for a quarter-century, VisitMenorca.co.uk shares their love of the best Balearic island with those looking to visit.

There are sections about Menorca’s beaches, its great cities, shopping, activities and sightseeing, as well as some useful restaurants tips, an accommodation guide, details about flights to the island and about walking the Menorca Cami de Cavalls.

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Henry Blofeld

Blowers goes into bat for Menorca

Red Arrows RAF display team

Red Arrows return to Menorca

The world-famous Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, is to return to Menorca to give one of its breathtaking displays over the island’s south coast. The Red Arrows will be Balearics-bound on September 18.

The squad last visited Menorca in 2014, when they thrilled crowds in and around the south-east of the island. It’s the Red Arrows 54th season of displaying flying and also the RAF’s centenary year.

Red Arrows CO Wing Commander Andrew Keith said: “Preparations continue for the Red Arrows’ 2018 season, when the team will play its part in marking the Royal Air Force’s centenary year and aims to inspire all those who see our displays.”

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, is one of the world’s premier aerobatic display teams.

Representing the speed, agility and precision of the Royal Air Force, the team is the public face of the service. They assist in recruiting to the Armed Forces, act as ambassadors for the United Kingdom at home and overseas and promote the best of British.

Flying distinctive Hawk fast-jets, the team is made up of pilots, engineers and essential support staff with frontline, operational experience. Together, they demonstrate the excellence and capabilities of the Royal Air Force and the Service’s skilled, talented people.

With their trademark Diamond Nine shape and combination of close formations and precision flying, the Red Arrows have been displaying since 1965. Based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire, the Red Arrows had flown almost 4900 displays in 57 countries, by the beginning of 2018.

The full list of Red Arrows 2018 displays

British Airways

BA announces Gatwick-Mahon summer service

British Airways has announced its first flights from London Gatwick to Menorca, taking over some of the slots vacated by the defunct Monarch airline.

BA will operate two or three flights weekly from LGW to MAH during the months of June, July and August, complementing its London Heathrow and London City to Mahon services, introduced a few seasons ago.

BA chairman and CEO Alex Cruz said: “We are delighted to be able to further grow our presence at Gatwick by adding extra frequencies and improving our timetable. We are also introducing several new destinations to the Gatwick programme, including Palma and Gibraltar.”

Gatwick is one of the best-served British airports in terms of Menorca flights, with services operated additionally by easyJet, Thomas Cook and Tui.

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easyJet launches off-season Menorca flights

EasyJet has stepped in to take advantage of slots made available by Monarch’s demise to offer a weekly off-season direct flight service between London Gatwick and Menorca. The Tuesday flights will begin operating on 6 February and will continue through March.

From early April easyJet will operate the LGW-MAH route four times a week, with daily services starting from 23 April onwards until the end of October.

EasyJet UK country director Sophie Dekkers said: “By extending our summer season between London Gatwick and Mahon we are reaffirming our commitment to sustained growth at London Gatwick. We are always looking for new opportunities and to de-seasonalise tourism where we can meet demand for our customers.

“By adding flights to this route, we will provide our UK customers with even more opportunity to visit Menorca and improved connectivity for Menorca’s British expat community.”

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