Menorca archeology

Menorca makes National Geographic’s Top 20 list of coolest travel adventures

31 January 2024

National Geographic’s annual Top 20 list of the world’s greatest travel adventures features Menorca for the first time. The respected magazine says visiting the island’s famed archeological sites is one of the 20 coolest travel adventures you can take.

“In an area of just 270 square miles, Menorca has a total of 1,574 inventoried archaeological sites, ranging from the foundation blocks of small dwellings to well-preserved village centers that existed long before the Roman Empire,” says National Geographic. “Most striking are the navetas, megalithic tombs dating back to 1600 B.C.; talayots, watchtowers built from mortarless blocks of limestone; and taulas, shrines exclusive to Menorca that evoke Stonehenge pillars. These remnants of the Talayotic Menorcan culture, the first civilization to inhabit the island, have now been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.”

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