Coronavirus update

Updated 10 August 2020

Menorca is safe – safer than the UK, safer than mainland Spain, safer than Mallorca, safer than many places around the world. It’s completely baffling therefore as to why the posturing UK Government insists that “only essential travel” should take place and why returnees from Menorca should quarantine for 14 days.

However, we have long given up trying to find logic or reason in the machinations of the British Government.

Instead, here are some reasons why you should not be worried about travel to Menorca (assuming, that is, that the UK quarantine does not rule it for you).

Facts and figures
Between the relaxation of the nationwide Spanish lockdown on June 24 and today’s date there have been 41 recorded cases of Covid-19 in Menorca. We are delighted to report that of these, none required hospitalisation. 55% were without symptoms and 45% had only mild symptoms.

If you are out and about in the street in Menorca, or in a shop, you must wear a face mask. Face masks are not required on the beach, nor do you have to wear them in your holiday villa or around your own pool.

On arrival in Menorca, everyone has to show that they have completed a health questionnaire. And everyone is temperature checked. Visit the Spain Travel Health website

Rest assured that all of Travel Menorca’s villas are diligently cleaned between guest arrivals to ensure optimum safety for our guests.

What about insurance?
It is a fact that many standard travel insurance policies are rendered invalid if you travel against Government advice. It is also true that many policies do not cover you for Covid-19. However, there is an increasing number of policies being introduced that will offer such cover – Google it and you will find some.

Remember that the EHIC health cards are valid until December 31, so the excellent Spanish healthcare system will look after you.

If you want to get from Britain to Menorca then easyJet, British Airways and Ryanair are still flying from around the UK, and fares are very good. We wouldn’t advise booking with Jet2, as they are cancelling flights with little notice and have even stranded some people on the island.

In addition to your safety, there’s another thing that can be guaranteed should you decided to travel to Menorca – you will receive the warmest of welcomes and enjoy probably the nicest and quietest summer season that the island will ever see.